Bobby Bevilacqua

Creater/Head writer

Me and LundqvistThanks for coming to The Ranger Zone! You will find previews and recaps for every game, updates and breaking news, and opinion pieces. I’ve also done a few podcast episodes, which I hope to expand into a regular thing once I get the proper equipment and more people to contribute.

I am a 21 year old Journalism Major at Seton Hall University, but I’m originally from Eastchester, New York. I’m now in South Orange, New Jersey, but only a train ride away from Madison Square Garden!

I am a huge Rangers fan, and have been ever since my cousin took me to my first game when I was about 12 or 13. I watch just about every game, and love to talk and write about the Rangers and all other teams.

My current favorite player is Ryan McDonagh, but Henrik Lundqvist (who doesn’t like the King) and Kevin Hayes are some of my other personal favorites.

As far as other hobbies, I’m always staying active, running, biking or at the gym. I love playing sports, but have actually never played ice hockey before. Besides watching hockey, I watch and collect a lot of movies. I enjoy music, particularly hard rock and heavy metal, and I’m in the process of setting up a Metal news site. And I love covering and writing about the Rangers.


On The Ranger Zone, you’ll find complete coverage of the New York Rangers, as well as some of my personal opinions on players, signings or trades, management decisions, and anything else I think would be interesting.

I encourage interaction, and love to talk and discuss topics with the readers. So feel free to comment on posts or send me an email!

I’m also working on a series along the lines of “Mailbag Monday,” where you send in questions and I’ll answer them. Send me an email or tweet if you have a question.


I post a lot of news and other things on twitter, so follow the blog @The_RangerZone. There is also a Facebook page for the blog, which you can find on the sidebar to the right, or by clicking HERE.

My personal twitter is @rpb725. Feel free to follow and interact!

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