Is a big trade brewing between the Rangers and the Ducks?

Bobby Bevilacqua


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Over the last three days, there’s been a lot of speculation and events that point to the Rangers and the Ducks potentially having something big in the works. Anaheim had scouts at the Rangers game against the Sharks, and the Rangers sent scouts to the last two Ducks’ games, including four at Tuesday’s game in New Jersey.

These weren’t just any scouts either. Gordie Clark (Director of Player Personnel) and Chris Drury (Assistant GM) were at both of the Ducks’ last games, and they rarely scout games. Tonight they were joined by Kevin Maxwell (Director of Professional Scouting). When they keep showing up for Ducks games, it means that there is something going on.

While it’s only three games into the season, it’s well known that the Rangers have been looking to improve their defense since the summer. There were no big trades, just minor acquisitions in Nick Holden and Adam Clendening, and the defensive group remained largely the same.

The Ducks are currently in a contract dispute with Hampus Lindholm, who is one of the two RFAs not playing right now. He hasn’t requested a trade, but he’s asked for a well-deserved raise. They need to move quite a bit of cap space in order to re-sign him, and keeping him is important for their success down the line.

On top of that, the Ducks are 0-3-1 and have scored just seven goals in four games. They’re a bit thin down the left side of their lineup so they could use some forward depth, something the Rangers have a plethora of. Realistically, the Rangers need to improve their defense and add a top-four guy in order to compete for the Cup, so this makes the two teams good trade partners.

The Ducks defensemen that fit the bill for this trade are Cam Fowler, Sami Vatanen and Kevin Bieksa. Out of those three, the one that Gorton should target is 25 year old Vatanen. If the Rangers want to help out Ducks GM Bob Murray, they should make sure that they get something of value in return. That means Vatanen.

Vatanen is just 25 years old and under contract until 2020 with a cap hit of $4.875 million. He has posted at least 37 points in the last two seasons, as well as scoring 12 goals in the 2014-15 season. He’s posted above average possession numbers and has 16 points in 28 playoff games.

In order to get Vatanen, the Rangers would have to be comfortable moving a piece like JT Miller or Kevin Hayes in order land Vatanen. The signings of Buchnevich, Vesey and Pirri would all soften the blow and make it easier to move one of those two plus some non-roster assets.

After three games, I’m starting to believe that the Rangers can actually be competitive. The offense is just so explosive and the depth is tremendous, that this team might be capable of just winning a run-and-gun style of game. Similar to the Stars, who score a lot of goals and give up a lot of goals, but still do very well.

But if they were able to trade for one of Anaheim’s talented defensemen, then the Rangers would be real contenders.

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  1. Reading stuff like this gets me excited but I also know teams don’t just hand over their young D men for nothing. Personally I would trade Hayes before Miller but I would trade Miller if need be to get a guy like Vatanen. You can get unless you give. I know it’s only 3 games but I think the Rangers have enough forwards to let some go to get the D back to where it needs to be. I still think it’s next year that they will be able to start making the final moves to become a cup contender. But if they did get Vatanen now it sure would help me feel better about this year making a run.The buy out of Girardi is more doable and the possibility of getting Shattenkirk in FA happen next year.


  2. Would rather give up our first round pick and some lesser parts to get one of their D Men . Would leave the forward depth where it is . We would be picking most likely around 22 to 30 in the draft , and we do fine picking up free agents on the cheap Vesey , Hayes Pirri , Glendening . Just my opinion


    • Without a doubt. I totally agree. I was just saying if we did have to give up someone from this roster I would give up Hayes or even JT. I’m not thrill to give JT believe me but I would love to see this D in better shape than it is now. But yeah I see so many fans complain about trading draft picks. But like you said we’ve done real nice with picking up free agents and getting Hayes n Vesey the way we did was like a first round pick anyway really. I like the looks of what we grabbed this year as far as free agents.


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