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Vigneault’s lineup decisions and constant changes will doom the Rangers

Bobby Bevilacqua

Alain Vigneault

The Rangers have gotten off to an awful start to the season, winning just one of their first 6 games, not scoring much at even strength and leaking chances and goals through their new and improved defense.

Some people might chalk this up to all of the new faces in the locker room trying to learn the system, figure out their roles and what this team’s identity. But the Rangers have a much bigger problem at hand, and it’s the man behind the bench.

Alain Vigneault has been criticized in the past for his lineup decisions, but his choices this year have been truly baffling, especially when it comes to the defensive pairings. Read the rest of this entry

The Rangers have some MAJOR flaws, and it starts with the defense

Bobby Bevilacqua

Data courtesy of

Looking at this chart hurts.

It’s really odd to be extremely worried about the play of the Rangers, a team with 16 wins, 34 points and the fourth best record in the league. But the truth is that this team is playing really poorly, and they’re miraculously exceeding what the numbers suggest should happen.

But it may not be that way for long. Read the rest of this entry

Alain Vigneault is not using Keith Yandle effectively

Bobby Bevilacqua

Keith Yandle third star 10-22

Photo courtesy of MSG Photos.

Keith Yandle isn’t doing enough this season.

Normally, this is where an article would begin to criticize the player for his play, what he isn’t doing enough of and what, in this case, Yandle would need to do better.

It’s true. Yandle hasn’t been doing enough. But it’s not his fault.

It’s Alain Vigneault’s fault. Read the rest of this entry